11th Annual Gospel Singing Conference & Showcase

These are just a few of the Artists that has already confirmed for the conference! this is going to be a bless time in the Lord . Holy Ghost filled, keeping it real! 

The Gospel 4

I just wanted to share this video of this quartet group the gospel 4, I think is their name. but anyway I love this song and I believe that the world should hear it. it is on youtube, check them out.  and be bless!

Sister Shirley Shoemate / Deacon Joseph Shoemate

Checkout Minister John Price Jr

Extraordinary Love by Fruit Of The Spirit Gospel Singers!

video by Charles Carlisle , Macon Georgia

copyrights reserved, song written by Shirley Shoemate/ BMI

Music By Fruit Of The Spirit Gospel Singers

Recording from 1998 - Fruit of the spirit gospel singers, Mobile Alabama

Fruit Of The Spirit Gospel Singers , Mobile Alabama

This gospel have unique way of singing they are not quartet , they're a little bit country and a whole lot of soul.the songs that they sing are written by Shirley Shoemate , who is also the Founder of Shoemate Records Promotion Ministry, along with her husband

Deacon Joseph Shoemate.

Minister John Price is in charge of. networking  for the ministry. all are called by God . anointed and appointed!

Shoemate Records Promotion Ministry Award Night

Featuring Independent Gospel Artists from around the world!

Featuring Tenisha Toursiant

Check out this great video , I won't cry!

she will be ministering at Shoemate Records Promotion Ministry / Eleventh Annual Gospel Conference & Showcase 2018 / 

Shoemate Ministry Television Broadcast

Featuring  Minister John Taylor, Sister Valerie Rankins, Minister Kendrick Baldwin,LaShaunda Randles' praise Dancers  and Fruit of the spirit gospel singers!

Pastor Roger Bower of Bayou Wesleyan Church

Pastor Bower is a awesome man of God ! 

Ministry Sponsors'


Shoemate Records Promotion Ministry Conference & Showcase

Prophetess D, Jackson , Issac James, Evangelist Ella Jackson  & New Flower Singers, Gail Fountain, Tenishia Toussiant, Alma Neely, Queen

Shoemate Records Promotion Ministry

Featuring Pastor Robert Kurisko of the First Baptist Church of Heron Bay, Coden, Alabama .